Chemical Peeling

What is the therapy?

Diandra Chemical Peeling is an aesthetic medical treatment by Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic that safely helps the exfoliate process of the dead skin cells.

Why you should take this therapy?

The face area is the body parts that often exposed to dust, dirt, and chemical materials. It can lead to several problems such as acne, blackheads, and dull face. Naturally, the solution to these problems is by the peeling process of dead skin cells. It would keep the skin remains smooth. However, as you get older, the peeling process would take a lot of time. Without constant proper treatment, the stains and dirt will pile up and stay on the face. Therefore, the problems would be much worse. Diandra Chemical Peeling is a reliable and secure solution to accelerate the peeling process of the dead skin cells. The material used in Diandra Chemical Peeling is natural materials. It has a capability to lift the dead skin cells, vanquishes the blockage of pores on acne, smooth the skin texture, and reduces the pigmentation problems. So, the skin will look brighter, clean, fresh, and shine.

How the therapy will be performed?

Diandra Chemical Peeling starts by giving the chemical peeling liquid on the face area. Before the liquid is given, the face is smeared with the prepeel liquid to balance the skin pH. The chemical peeling liquid that has been applied on the face will raise the dead skin cells and make it easier for exfoliation. The chemical peel liquid is also able to open blockages in the pores. Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic used natural ingredients for the chemical peels materials that are safe for use, including:

  • Glycolic Acid (Neostrata) made of fruit acids. This material is suitable on dry and oily skin types.
  • Salicylic Acid (Salicylic Acid) made of willow bark extract. This material is suitable on the oily skin and acne skin.
  • Tricloracetic Acid that is suitable for fleck on the skin.

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