Hair Treatments

What is the therapy?

Diandra Hair Treatment is an aesthetic medical treatment for the solution of hair problems. This treatment will help to restore healthy condition of the hair and resolve variety hair problems.

Why you should take this therapy?

Hair loss, thinning, dandruff, split ends, greasy and dry hair are some examples of hair problems. These problems can cause by imbalance body hormones, less consumption of nutrition and vitamins, the aging process, and lack of hair care and treatments.

Diandra Hair Treatment is a treatment that specialized in resolving hair problems by refinement not only from the outside of the body but also from the inside. The overall treatment aims to restore healthy condition of the hair and also to prevent for damages to strike again. Diandra Hair Treatment could increase mineral levels of hair to give freshness and enhanced nutrient to produce healthy and strong hair.

How the therapy will be performed?

Hair damages can cause by external factors (outside the body) and internal factors (inside the body). Therefore, Diandra Hair Treatment is adjusted for the causing factors and levels of hair damages, which will provide the solutions that effective to vanquish hair problems.

This treatment performed by injection of growth factor that will stimulate the skin to produce skin cells and new collagen. Refinement of the body hormones is also be done to resolve the hair problems from inside the body. Home care treatments including hair tonic and vitamins will also be given to repair the damage and keep it healthy. For the best result, there will be consultation to be provided.

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