What is the therapy?

Diandra Lifting is an aesthetic medical treatment by Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic that aims to restore the structure of the skin proportionately as well as tightening it up. This treatment is perfect for premature aging issues like smile lines and loose skin.

Why you should take this therapy?

The aging process can occur at the early age of 30. It is characterized by skin that is sagging, descending, and also smile lines that getting deepen. Surely, these issues have an impact on reshaping the face become less symmetrical. Diandra Lifting can help restore your face shape and make it more proportional. Diandra Lifting is also the solution to improve the quality of the skin as in the youth.

How the therapy will be performed?

Diandra Lifting starts by planting the lifting thread in under of the skin surface. There are two types of thread used i.e. Polylactic Acid (Pla) and Polydioxanone (Pdo). Both of the threads is highly safe to use, as it disintegrates when it’s in the body and has a low rate of side effects. After the planting is done, the thread will pull the skin and make it tighter. It also stimulates the skin to produce new collagen. So, the skin will be more elastic and flexible.

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