microfacial injection

What is the therapy?

Diandra Microfacial Injection is an aesthetic medical treatment by Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic that aims to provide nutrients to the skin and improve its health. This treatment can also help in restoring the skin rejuvenation and also overcome the skin pigmentation problems.

Why you should take this therapy?

Keeping the skin to stay healthy is an important thing to do. A wide range of issues on the skin can be caused by not treating the skin properly. Diandra Microfacial Injection by Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic will enhance the nutrition of the skin. By providing multivitamin and active substances for the skin can keep it quality to remain good. Therefore, the skin will look so much cleaner and brighter. This treatment also has the capability to relieve the skin from pigmentation problems such as flecks and melasma. The other benefit is this treatment is the solution to improve the skin rejuvenation.

How the therapy will be performed?

Diandra Microfacial Injection starts by applying the multivitamin and active substances through the injection with a special tool called Vital Injectors. After the injection, multivitamins, as well as active substance will help the regeneration skin process and make the skin well nutrients. So, the skin becomes healthier, brighter and the skin moisture will be maintained. Diandra Microfacial Injection is also the solution to resolving the problems of skin pigmentation like flecks and melasma on the face.

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