derma pen

What is the therapy?

Diandra Derma Pen is an aesthetics medical procedure by Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic that aims to enhance the skin collagen and improve skin elasticity. This treatment can repair acne scars and also fades the wrinkles gradually.

Why you should take this therapy?

Acne scars and skin pores sometimes can make you loose your confidence. Surely, it would interfere your daily activities. With the aging process ongoing, the skin will look dull, sagging, and also wrinkles began to develop. Diandra Derma Pen by Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic has been adapted to resolve these problems. This treatment will help to eliminate the acne scars andsmooth the face texture. The skin pores also will be getting smaller by doing this treatment. Making the skin looks tight and fresh. Obviously, it would boost your confidence and the skin will be healthier too.

How the therapy will be performed?

Diandra Derma Pen starts by applying growth factor on the face, then put it in the under of the skin surface by a pen which is equipped with micro needles at the surface. After that, the growth factor will stimulate the skin to produce new collagen and skin cells that can improve the skin elasticity. The resultsof this treatment are the pores are getting smaller, acne scars getting fader, the texture of the skin becomes smooth, and the wrinkles will disappear.

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