THE DIANDRA PHILOSOPHY: Treat and take a good care of your body is one of the way to be thankful with the gift that is given


Treat and take a good care of your body is one of the ways to be thankful for the gift that is given

About Us

Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Lifestyle is a clinic specialized for treatment in anti-aging and aesthetic

Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Lifestyle is a clinic specialized for treatment in anti-aging and aesthetic. Located in the heart of the business district of Surabaya and built since 2013 with name Mecha Clinic at first. Nowadays, Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic is beginning to be a clinic in Indonesia that become the pioneer to preserve the balance being healthy inside and sparks the beauty outside.

Anti-aging treatments that applied on Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic is not just healing alternative, but it is also the best solution in preventing the aging process on the inside and outside the body perfectly. Therapies and treatments that given provide plenty benefit for the body and can be applied at all ages and genders. Combined with the science of aesthetic, where the treatment was given is intended to maintain and improve the balance of beauty on the outside and health of the patient. Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic offers highly safe anti-aging and aesthetic treatments with optimal results.

Reflection of Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic professionalism is all the treatment would be handled exclusively by a reliable doctor also the founder, Dr. Imelda Audry Chandra, M. Biomed (AAM). The treatment is guaranteed to be high-quality supported by advanced improvement of anti-aging and aesthetic science by Dr. Imelda Audry Chandra, M. Biomed (AAM). The knowledge improved continuously to give the best anti-aging and aesthetic treatment.

To provide the best results for our patients, Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic provides treatment, treatment products, and medical products that adapted to the latest and best-updated technology. The following are treatments that available at Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic:

  • Facial Analysis
  • Examination of hormonal levels
  • Status of body nutrition
  • Toxin levels in the blood
  • Genetic test through saliva examination
  • Cancer examination
  • Telomere test

The treatment by Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic has been adapted to the specific needs of the health and aesthetics aspects of every patient. Therefore, the treatment results will be more balanced from the outside and inside of the body. It’s proving that Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic became the leading clinic and able to innovate according to the development of science as well as modern treatments. By doing the treatments of Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic, patients will gain healthy lifestyle for a better life.

Comfort and hospitality are also the essences on every performed treatment procedure. That is why Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic is the best solution for all the problems and needs of our clients.

Our Vision

Becoming the first anti-aging and aesthetic lifestyle in Indonesia that provide the real balance between health and beauty.

Our Mission

Provide guaranteed and high quality treatment with:

  • Maximize the treatments and adjust it with customer requirements.
  • Improve knowledge and expertise of anti-aging and aesthetic.
  • Provide advanced technology to support further authentic results.

Serve the customer with professional and personal way:

  • Professionally, Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic provide services with procedure that suitable and safe for the customer.
  • Personally, Diandra Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Clinic treats customer as a part of our family.

Provide education to the customers toward of the importance to maintaining their health through anti-aging and aesthetic treatment as a part of contribution to the society.

The doctor

dr. Imelda

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