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The Pulse of Life

Health, started from our body, is the beginning of how we get to know and take care of ourselves. When we understand our body, we do not just learn how to keep it look good, but also, to love it.

There, balance grows from within.


Stay Young, Stay Lively

Balance that comes from within will radiate to the outer look, pumped with energy and youthfulness from inside and outside.

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Radiating Beauty

When beauty comes from the inside, the result is real and visible. Not just looking beautiful, but also feeling beautiful and happy. What’s more beautiful than a smiling person, right?

Why Diandra

Why Diandra

Life Partner

As a life partner, we would be glad to be your companion in every step you take and give the best for you. We have a respect and faith in you to provide your needs.


Every person has their own way, their own style. We believe you do too. That’s why, we give you a personalized treatment. With us, happiness and your needs are the foundations. Not just feeling beautiful and healthy, but also happy.
Isn’t that the key to stay young?


Taking care of health and beauty means you’re preparing for any possibilities in the future. New challenge and journey are up for you to explore, with a healthy and youthful soul.
Love yourself, enrich yourself.


“The nature of you, the nature of beauty”

  1. Personal Approach
  2. Individual Needs
  3. Customized Treatment
  4. Maximize Result
Diandra provides you Personalized Beauty Program. A treatment program based on yourself. Your health journey, needs, and aims are unique. By focusing on your needsand the uniqueness in you, the result will be as maximum as how you need it.
Come and tell us about you. We will listen, we will give a personalized treatment, based on your needs. For men and women, young and old, and for you.
Diandra Health
Diandra dr. Imelda



It begins when her father was suffered from illness, inspired Dr. Imelda Audry Chandra, M. Biomed (AAM) to enhance its experience in medical science further. After earned her Bachelor Degree on Medical Faculty at the Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, she continued her education journey by took a Master degree of Anti-Aging Medicine at Udayana University, Bali and graduated with fulfilling grades. She realized that anti-aging is crucial to be learned because it consists a wide scope of science

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