Diandra Botox

What is the therapy?

Diandra Botox is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that can restore skin rejuvenation as well as the solution to problems like loose muscle caused by the aging process.

Why you should take this therapy?

Daily activities that involving the muscles contraction, especially in the face area will generate several amounts of wrinkles. Alongside with the aging, these wrinkles will be much more visible. Applying Diandra Botox would help to disguise the wrinkles till it’s disappeared. It would reduce the muscles contractions and gives the tightening effect on the skin. Diandra Botox procedure will not cause a permanent scar. The results from Diandra Botox is making the face look younger, fresh, and wrinkles free.

Diandra Botox can also be an option to maximize your appearance. For those of you who complain your face is too wide, Diandra Botox procedures can reduce the size of mastication muscles which will minimize the shape of the jaw and gives the V-Shape effect on the face.

Botox is also shown to have other benefits. One of them is to reduce excessive sweat in a particular area such as the hands or the armpit. It is also certainly can reduce the unpleasant body odor.

How the therapy will be performed?

Botulinum toxin is a material used in the Botox treatment. The substance is a protein derived from Clostridium botulinum type A that has been through a purification process. The material is FDA approved and also the injection doses have adapted to the standard so surely is safe for the body. Botox application can make the face muscles more loose and relax. Therefore, the performance of the muscle would be much lighter and make the wrinkles on the face diminished.

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