Treatment Diandra

Infusion: Vitamin Drip Therapy

Diandra Infusion: Vitamin Drip Therapy

  • Total Infusion

    Multivitamin infuse therapy as a perfect complement of vitamins in your body to give you balance of beauty and health. No such thing as vitamin deficiency!

  • Total Eyebright Infusion

    Infusion therapy to maintain and improve eye health. Refreshing your eyes from fatigue, brighten blurry vision and fulfill the nutrients for the eye. Better vision for better days!

  • Luminous Glow Infusion

    Improving the nutrients in the skin and make it look brighter and glowing. With the perfect combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fluids, you will get hydrated and moisturized skin. What’s more? Turn back time to get your skin youthfulness.

  • FIT Booster Infusion

    Specially made with 30 g vitamin C and antioxidant, this infuse improves your immune system and stamina as well as enhancing healthy skin. What you get is fit and energized body, strongly immuned from and fresh skin!

  • Total Fit Infusion

    Ready for the marathon? Triathlon? Or ready to work after a full weekend of activity? Total Fit Infusion was created for you! This infusion therapy is designed for those of you who often have extreme activity and high mobility, so that your stamina will always be maintained steadily.

  • The After Party Infusion

    Feeling fatigue after drinking a good amount of alcohol? This therapy is the solution to hangover. By hydrating the body, boosting vitamins and electrolytes, and removing toxin of alcohol in your body. The result is a ready-to-go you!

  • Surgical Boost Infusion

    Feeling lethargic after surgery? This therapy optimizes your body condition and speeds up post-surgery healing process. Regain your stamina, fill your body with rich nutrients.

  • Vascular Detox Infusion

    Eliminating toxins off your body, this therapy is formulated with special infusion materials to healing various chronic diseases and remove metal material in your body.

  • Ultimate Traveling Pack Infusion

    Get ready for your next destination with this therapy! Off before you go, it improves your immune system in order to avoid all diseases and optimize your health. Enjoy your holiday in maximum stamina!

  • Memo Booster Infusion