Treatment Diandra


Diandra Injection

  • Acne Injection

    Get rid of your blemish and acne. This injection gives you a silky smooth skin.

  • Hyper-pigmentation Injection

    Tackle your pigmentation problems with the injection that banish the dead cells, while also evensout your skin’s complexion.

  • Stamina Plus Injection

    Boost up your stamina with special injection from us! No more body aches, colds, and fever.

  • Brightening Injection

    Improving and enhancing the brightness of your skin. The result is not just bright skin, but also naturally dewy skin.

  • Alpha Brain Injection

    It helps brain function like memory, focus, and processing speed. All day every day, it focuses on complex tasks and improve your mental speed in response to stimuli.

  • Memo Booster Injection

    Boost your brain with our Memo Booster Injection. As we age, memory becomes weaker. No need to worry, Diandra's Memo Booster Injection helps you avoid dementia, while optimizing memory. A double solution indeed!

  • Energy Boost Injection

    Giving you more energy by processing the energy in your body optimally. Resulting in more power, more endurance. So you can keep moving, keep being active.

  • Anti-Aging Injection

    Helps cognitive function of the brain, helps the immune system, and other health problems due to aging.

  • T-Man Super Power Injection

    With more dosage, this injection allows you to reclaim the energy and drive of your youth. You have more control over stress, more ability to gain muscle, and the energy of life.