Treatment Diandra

Instant Treatment

Diandra Instant Treatment

  • Instant Acne Healing

    Facial treatment to eliminate redness acne scars on the face instantly and safely up to one hour. Facial treatment with light method, combined with acne serum, High Frequency method for remove any bacteria, and Oxy for freshness on the face.

  • Instant Brightening

    A facial treatment specially designed to improve the bright glow for your skin instantly an safely in only one hour.This treatment will also help the blood circulation on the face, moisturizing it, and remove the dead skin cells for a brighter and radiant face.

  • Instant Lifting

    It only takes one and a half hours for special facial treatments that provide all the goodness of tight skin for your face instantly and safely. Equipped with skin tightening radio frequency to provide a lifting effect on the face and make it tighter, smoother and look younger.

  • Instant Deep Bright 3 in 1

    Lift dead skin cells, make them look younger, and provide oxygen to your facial skin! This facial is designed to increase oxygen levels to the deepest parts of your facial skin. The result? The face is radiant, moist, and looks brighter!

  • Instant Deep Rejuv 3 in 1

    Revive your youthful beauty back with this Deep Rejuv 3 in 1 facial! Specially designed to nourish, deeply moisturize, lift, & restore the freshness of your skin from the deepest part in just a short time. Now, you can smile again without worrying about fine lines and wrinkles!